Saturday, April 24, 2010

Catch Me

What has happened to me? Where have I hidden? When I search for the word to type the letters of my feelings, no such word exists ...nothing is there. I try to access my heart so I can pick up and move to drink in life and walk the squares of pavement, as opposed to watching from dusty windows ...but, something has been locked.

When my mind wonders back and the feelings begin to burn, I move back ...slipping into my shell. Comfortable, shut in as the hermit crab who's home is his shelter. Inside alone there are only my rules. No pretending I have not become cold and hopeless.

Can't somebody see I need saving? Stop with your delay ...I have searched, purified and prepared, just love me for all my foolishness. When does this prince arrive? Who lied to me? Have I waited, and endured, wept, learned and believed ...for you to be a ghost? Save my heart. Catch me for I feel faint. The kingdom has been placed under a spell of darkness. Oh, Please just turn on my light.



  1. Love this! Way to go :)
    Specially the last para! It's like woaaah. I really like the prince and kingdom compilation!
    Great blog, i shall follow :)

  2. How beautiful Michelle!! Catch me for I feel faint... mmm I so look forward to your posts.

    Keep it up!!

  3. May all lights be turned on, May ghost turn into real prince and......


    God bless u.

  4. Your writing is lovely <3 May your light stay on always...


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