Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Attainable Future

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There are two kinds of people. Those who "think" about their dreams daily ...until death, and those who fight until they "achieve" their dreams ...even if just before dying. Many say "forget the past...move forward, ahead is where your future lies". 

But, were not most dreams born in the past? Isn't it those shared ideas; euphoric moments, breaths suspended in time, which drive us towards our futures? To "forget the past" means to sacrifice what your heart believes in. How many of the greatest epics ever written were founded on this very principal, and still giving new life today? If we weren't so quick to "forget the past ...and move forward", perhaps we would learn more, instead of allowing our dreams to die, or hopes to fade. We could spend the same energy spinning our wheels, to ignite those times which so vividly birthed a passion ...sending our minds to places we never dreamed possible. 

The lost past reflects its self throughout our culture, and we refuse to learn, repeating the same destruction. We appear to have forgotten what was past. The dreams of our parents, grandparents, and those we un-align ourselves by reasons of race or religion. The reality is, we are all the same, we have all dreamed. We all desire a brighter future and life where pain has nowhere to nest. 

Dreams seem unattainable because we are allowed to get by with the excuses birthed from our inner fears of failure ...easily marched along the road of convention without question. The advice from those around us "...move forward (on)" is however, much less work. 

Thank our God there are those who can follow their own hearts to believe, continually driving themselves towards their passions. Understanding that challenge shapes character. There is no such thing as the insignificant hope's that tiny little seed planted in your heart, gently whispering in your ear. It may have unimaginable heights it desires to woo, or the passion to set a tune against the wind, perhaps a challenge to say "I love you" or  "Sorry" to a forgotten one in the past. This may be the key to open your chest of "dreams", propelling you forward. Healing from the hurts and disappointments we have all felt, choking at last for air over lost ideals. 

Now learning from what was, allowing those unreleased passions to ignite once again the forgotten hopes buried and hidden within. Fueling our tomorrows and healing our hearts. Thank you to the past and yesterdays dreams for providing our way to an attainable future. 



  1. SO true.. I would rather die trying to achieve my dreams than leading a life without a dream in it.

  2. I suppose it is all equally important; the past, present and future. A mix of lessons, reality and dreams.

    (I just uncovered your blog, and love it!)

  3. thank you for entering in my blog award called 'little known lovelies'

    results published soon, good luck!
    xoxo eri

  4. wow, each picture posted on your blog comes with such a beautiful stream of words <3

  5. i loved this, thankyou so much.

  6. Hi Michelle!
    Thank you so much for your beautiful heartfelt comment! It really meant so much to me and I could almost just feel your warm embrace with your kind words!
    And thank you for the scripture!

    I just can't say thank you enough!

    btw I love your blog!!!!!!!

  7. Doesn't Present contains all - lessons from past, dreams for future and reality as it stands now?

    Great post. Thank you.


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