Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dear Journal ~

~This is the 1st of my promised 15 posts of/or about love in a months time. As is the case some are old, new, stolen (no), :) definitely love quotes, and anything that feels loving or soft to me. Please feel free to comment or share your own special post about love! May this idea stay with you and offer a word of love to others freely, before long it will become a habit... ;) ...a good one.         

~Medication of Love ~  
 Love as a medication darlings, comes in all sorts. Those we want, those we need, those which make us ill, and the special kind which make us better people. This medication/side effects of love and hope, do fail...  who am I today, who was I yesterday? I am hidden inside me. I thought, finally intellectually crazy. Saw past "skittish" ... and, impulsive ...I listened with my fairy-tale heart and trusted, silly make-believe romance. Believing I could feel ...that, again... better.  Here's this... I recall nothing. Except for...  followed by... and finished, with the trigger- of truffle scented necks. And before I could hear with my ears my heart had a knee jerk reaction, sans humor... The fear of each new tale whether it be small or tall impacting the infrastructure of the psyche. A Choice. Do we emerge with the innocent eyes and laughter of a child?  the humor in the the experience? ...growth in the spirit? Ultimately... The end has already been written, how long will it take us to arrive? To, actually begin the Indiana Jones of our story. "He, our Lord has promised..." He say's, "I ...Can Make Crooked Paths Straight" .....I'm feeling a bit crooked about now.... a terrible dream, but I'm awake. And I reach out for the pills, but the "drugs don't work". Yet, I'm still "waiting on an angel"... perhaps, "waiting in vain".

Thank you for stopping by... wishing you light in the dark, love when your heart is sad, and that you may always have a shoulder to cry on and ears to listen... m


  1. Poetically tragic and simultaneously soft. Beautifully written Michelle.

    I'm so looking forward to this 15! Breathtaking #1.

  2. l.o.v.e. as I always defined-
    a Lovely Oasis of Virgin Emotions
    I thought of sharing it here.. no medication for my love :)

  3. I just saw your comment... I love that. a Lovely Oasis of Virgin Emotions. Each time we are blessed with new love, I suppose there is a refreshing, rebuilding process. This does actually leave us with Virgin Emotions... for medication, as it is being used here. It is a metaphor for so many different things. Some tangible. Others only possible to experience through perception of mind state. It can be taken literally or figuratively.

    Thank you kindly for sharing your thoughts. :)

    ~ Michelle


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