Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sneezy Sheets at TheHoneyPress's Shop!

There is nothing more elegant than a lady with a dainty handkerchief. Or a man who carries two like my father. One for himself and one for the person who may need that extra hanky in a pinch. This being said I have always had a hard time finding just the right handkerchief for myself, until now.

The Honey Press Shop Etsy store may have answered all our needs. They go by the name of "Sneezy Sheets" and have wonderful hand made designs for men and women along with some vintage options for the elegant minimalists. They also offer other cute designs of dish towels, aprons, and pillow cases for your perusal. But, their pride and joy are their "Sneezy Sheets" (and you can't beat the price)!  Bellow are a few favorites, but you must visit the shop to see all 48 designs which come to you wrapped with care.


...and that's blogging without borders!


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