Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"Great for Valentines Day but even better for Halloween"

Well, lets just say my intention was to lead you to a beautiful yet edgy confectionery who offered hand made Valentine sweets for your sweetie, all wrapped with elegant and unique packaging. YET, when I happened across this Etsy store, I broke out in hysterics and felt I would be doing you a disservice not to share.

I give you the "Ghostie's" with designers own descriptions :) The first being my favorite. And who knows it might be just what your looking for for Valentines Day!
Kilted Drunkenness is Good - St. Paddy's Day Ghosties
With a mug of green beer, and his kilt, somehow this Ghostie found him self on the floor. And you know what? He's quite content with it.Great for Valentines Day and but even better for Halloween.
Bring this little one home and let him light up your life.
Hey, Look Here for Love - Valentine Ghostie
This happily enlightened ghostie wants to tempt you with some heart shaped bling. The look on his face says he knows you'll fall for him in a heartbeat. Ok, so he seems a bit cocky but still cute.
Sweet Serenade and Roses - Valentine Ghostie
With a cute and sweet face, this little Ghostie thinks you'd really like this hand painted rose that he picked just for you. With his little smirk and puppy dog eyes how could you not want to add him to your collections.
Sweet Serenade and Roses - Valentine Ghostie
Maybe his voice is as sweet as his face, if not he's hoping you'll like the bling or even the bouquet of roses he has to offer. He did pick them just for you. Covered with hearts he's full of love.

I hope you found some creative inspiration with these little Ghosties...I know I did! It's never too early to prepare for Valentines Day! ;)

...and that's blogging without borders! 

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